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Solar Cell™

2 Pixels, 1 Mission

Solar Cell™

Solar Cell™

2 Pixels, 1 Mission


    * 2x 100W ultra-bright 3200-3500K warm white LEDs * High impact 2-pixel strobe effects * Built-in auto programs and sound active mode * 80° beam angle * Internal fan cooling system * User selectable 32-bit dimming modes, flicker free * Manual pendulum angle adjustment (left/right) with locking knobs * powerCON® “TRUE” compatible power connections * Tough-as-nails IP44-rated enclosure * Compact, high quality housing


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Solar Cell™

2-Pixel Strobe Effects

Built to impress, Solar Cell™ fixtures come fitted with 2x 100W ultra-bright 3200-3500K warm white LEDs with an 80-degree beam angle. Its high-impact 2-pixel strobe effects will give your light show a major boost of energy and blinding light accents that simply cannot be ignored. The Solar Cell™ also offers a variety of user selectable (flicker-free) 32-bit dimming modes for your choice of smoother (and slower) dimming speeds.

Built Tough + Well

Users can take full control of all the possible features of the fixture with either USITT DMX-512, 2/6-channel DMX modes, or directly via its 4-button LED control panel. The Solar Cell™ is a tough, well built fixture with high quality components inside and out, offering a durable IP44-rated enclosure, 20° pendulum angle adjustment w/locking knobs, DMX In/Out connections, and powerCON® “TRUE” compatible power connections.

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